Return of the Demon Goddess Chapter 49.3

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  1. ya that speculation has some merit, but forgiveness is not so easily given,despite all the things he has done for can see shes bitter and resentful and angry due to that particular hes pushy and trying too hard to compensate which in some parts is backfiring because shes not ready to give a shit about that she sees a similar situation to wat happened to her,shes thinking some things..thats wat i got anyways..hehe i like that wolf boy though;p ty for chaptres..

  2. She is missing the big picture, who set her up and why? And since her death demonic cultivators have suffered, so who is behind this and why?

  3. I’m gonna speculate a bit… She drank the wine that made her go crazy at her wedding (so essentially same people behind this as back then). No one could suppress her and she was out of her mind. People were talking bad about demonic cultivators and blaming their nature. No one could subdue her so the only option was to kill her. When she came to her senses, the only thing she knew is her husband was the one who killed her probably to placate everyone as well. He likely did some kind of spell to ensure she was reborn so that he could apologise and dedicate his life to her to show repentance. He also has been helping demonic cultivators on the side too probably.

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