Sijin Chapter 76.3

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  1. My understanding is Him- Her & puppy too all traveled back in time but the only ones that understand / reconize this is puppy + FL. Anyway I hope this destroys the brother-inlaws family because they knew he was Evil & covered for him

  2. Si Jiang said that the prince had mistaken her for a priestess who had died . She took the priestess
    place when she had to run from her pervert brother in law and heartless sister. But the dog knows her from her prior life, I think? A dog’s nose is very keen and they recognize a person by smell first, site last. So the dog must remember her from her prior life?

  3. I thought he traveled back in time that’s why he knew her from the beginning but maybe it’s more complicated than we think…

    Thanks a bunch for the chapters :3 <3

    1. Not really, he didn’t have travel back in that time, but he did everything r
      o find someone who has the magic to revive Si Jiang. I don’t know remember clearly a condition from magican. Ah uh … My English is not well , i very glad if you read understand my commnet ^^

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