Goddess Creation System Chapter 363.5

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  1. I’m a little confused as to what happened. I thought they were given a wrong location, but they still got the stuff? Idk Hopefully I’ll understand in the next chapter.
    Anyways, thank you for the updates 💚🍃

    1. It was a trap. They were able to get the stuff, but they’d by stuck in there with the only way out being through the MC’s group. That way they can confront them about it. I’m pretty sure they started being suspicious of someone in their group, most likely the idiot of a villain in their group.

  2. if those cheating bastards somehow get away this time im seriously gonna be disappointed in her plan to trap them..ty for chaptres..

  3. Hah! Fufufu~ i finally relief that they had to retrieve everything the trashies has stolen and even a hundredfold!
    Thank you leaf and everyone!!!!

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