Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 207.5

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  1. Thank you for the update… this is my favorite chapter so far…
    Yan Moge can’t show himself yet, his soul is not yet complete… if he reveals himself too early who know what will the blue bitch. Im excited to see the demon clan show up to support her.

  2. :} oh my… she continues to dumbfound those around her. Seeing all of her allies rally around and call out her name is breathtaking at this point. 🥁 I continue to look forward to what comes next.

  3. Ooooofff! when MCs real status is being revealed to build up flex for the upcoming faceslapping. Can’t wait!!

    TYSM again Leaf for your updates 🌿

    1. Hehe…. Coffin face….. Come to think of it, she really looks like those Chinese ghost woman with her hairstyle and all… Welp, I support, go away COFFIN FACE

    2. Yeh right, I really hope that yan moge will come and that guy with the peacock cause its been awhile now…. And I will burst into anger and laughter when that bitch and his Clan will go Downfall🙄😎

  4. I will understand if the author decides to not kill the blue biatch YET, but i just hope the biatch would suffer some pain before fleeing =n=

  5. Thanks for the chapter Leaf! All of her friends are starting to appear now!!! Plz oh plz let this blue trash bag finally be taken out

  6. Ok I love the suspense and all and the slow satisfaction of a revenge trap but if dis bish somehow escapes and doesn’t die after this I’m going to flip a table and rage quit. 100% not kidding.

    ( ´-ㅅ•)▄︻┻┳══━一💥
    Tysvm for the update!!!!!
    (\ (\
    ( >♥< )

  8. AHHH thank you SOO much for the update!! I can’t wait for the next chapter! This b*tch NEEDS to die!! They thought that she was underestimating them, but the tides have turned THOT! THE TIDES HAVE TURNEDD HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA

  9. thank you very much for the update LEAF, this is one of my favorite to read, I hope we can read more update. Take care always and God Bless.

  10. Ohhh… Btw almost of her friends show up… What are those to doing (the red one and the tiger)??? And the peacock… How good it would be if moge yan and the heaven emperor would show up together with the people of demon realm

  11. Ughhh… Though I was a little late but… Ughhhh… This is one of the chapter I’ve been waiting for~ so excited right now can’t wait for the next chapter…. Btw thanks for the hard work leaf and staff…

  12. Arggghhh I so fckin excited for the next chapter😍❤️I want to see their reaction if they know moge yan and that peacock guy to show up bahahahaha😂😂😂I hope there will be a lot excitement ❤️😍thx for your hardwork leaf😊stay save😘take a good rest too😊no need to rush💕

  13. I can’t anymore 😖 my heart is thumping soo fast and loud from excitement that it feels like it will come out anytime 💗💗❤❤ THANK YOU very much for the updates but can’t help but be more greedy nd want more 😍😍😍😘

  14. Hi Leafy, Thank you so much for the update…happy to hear you’re okay
    But I want more… ;D …This story is so funny
    missing in action the peacock king and hungry peacock bird…
    and MOGE the husband

    cant wait for the next update

  15. Me too!! Me too!! …I too wanna come and help u xiaowan !! 😍
    I too wanna vent my anger on that blue-haired b**ch !!•=•

  16. YAYYY 😀
    she finally revealed herself. I really wish Moge also shows himself rn.. We’ve missed him!!!
    Thanks for the chapter leaf! happy to hear you’re okay 😀

  17. Ahhhhhhhh… Can’t thank you enough for the update leaf…
    The plot is finally at the point which I’ve waited for since ages..
    Thanks for the update leaf😊😊

      1. Same!
        At the same time, its a bit early to bring him out.
        Maybe when more strong disciples from Sangran’s clan shows up against mc?

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