Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 349.5

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  1. as usual she could just use her space cheat to go do any and all things to enemies that would look accidental, but she never does. that’s the hugest hole in the story.

  2. When someone say “Miss (Surname)” without attributes like second, third, or something, it usually means the First.
    So, he meant Chen Yu.

    But, I already know it for sure.
    And it feels so good knowing that Chen Yu’s demise is finally coming.

    1. He did not say which daughter tho… if you remember right also chenyu was called to presnt herself. I bet the proposal is for her. The third prince would have to be insane to try and get a woman who almost whipped him to death and is promised to his fathers favorite son. Lets just see how Chenyu handles it, but I bet there will be a wedding soon in the Feng family. I just wonder how the married life will be for the two and if Chenyu will be a wife somehow or married in as a concubine, lol

  3. Really? Someone came to ask for Ah Heng, for a marriage? And which idiot thinks they can manage that. Feels like a made-up reason to launch a rebellion up north.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! God bless you!

  4. wait, did i hear that right? okay… 1 “kingdom destruction” and “crippled princes”…..
    anything else? no? well, you know what… i’ll hook you up a bit with some “face slapping” and “how dare you humiliate me!!!” if you pay an extra $2. how about it?


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