Pupillary Master Chapter 112.5

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  1. okay getting a little sick of these random ass cutes to the ml second in command/henchman relationship (which is toxic btw more on the fengu being toxic by forcing someone whether they are into it or not) as this has no reason to be in the main story. i mean at the current moment they are meant to be looking for the rings she has scattered right? and yet its been a hot min since that has even been brought up i would rather it would focus on one story for a good couple of chapters then maybe have a filler but at this point, its seems it might be more filler than actual story

  2. Wow whats up with the anti gay comments i thought this was 2020 not 1900s but i never have comment before until now.
    1. Let the author be.
    2. I enjoy the filler/story its cute.
    3. This gay scenarios are added in almost everything because gay people exist and yeah they are a minority so what.
    … Sorry but i really hate when people are obnoxious about their homophobic.

    1. I don’t think most of the comments are homophobic. The only one I saw that genuinely was, was Dead Corpse’s. Most people are taking issue with Fengyu’s abusive behavior which isn’t being homophobic. Fengyu has made unwanted sexual advances and is now trying to isolate Xaoibei which are both major red flags.

    2. 1. It’s called cricitism, something that a lot of people in the world thing is Oh god so wrong nowadays. Just because you created something, that does not mean you are immediately protected from anyone else’s opinion and it doesn’t mean that it is perfect and wonderful.

      2. You enjoy the gross toxic filler between a manipulative emotionally abusive gay man forcing himself on someone who may not even be gay, good for you.

      3. You are correct that there are gay scenarios added in almost everything. BUT This is done POORLY and disrespectfully. THAT is the issue here, not “Oh Gosh they’re Gay ew”.

      You should go back and actually READ the comments instead of kneejerk assuming it’s homophobia, because people raising the point that Fengyu is being an abusive predator is NOT homophobic. With maybe one exception, no one else who’s commented gives a shit that they’re gay. They give a shit that this is a toxic and literally forced ‘ship’. I would be saying the same if they were both women, if the man was forcing himself on a woman or a woman was forcing herself on a man. Stop reaching and learn the difference between disgust towards toxic ‘ships’ and disgust for people being gay.

    3. I don’t give a shit about side characters gay relationships because I don’t care for gay shit. But also because it doesnt bring anything to the story.
      I also don’t care about what gay people do behind closed doors, I just don’t wanna see it happen or know about it.
      main thing is how off it feels in the story.

  3. The male lead is trying to see scenarios of love, in preparation for his conquest of the main character (if i remember correctly)

    1. So uh.. author’s not going to show what happened huh. With TrashyFengyu trying to kill the other trashy gay guy? Lame.

      Also yeah That’s what I’m figuring, but the writing for it is so POORLY DONE. He shouldn’t be getting inspiration from these pieces of trash. Like, is this what the author thinks gay people do when they have the hots for someone? Gross.

      Can’t wait till we’re done with them.

    1. It’s really annoying how it’s forced into everything these days just because some retards can’t keep their sexual life and orientation in their own house. I have no fcking clue why it’s necessary to promote whatever rights/gender bullshit people have.

      Not to mention that it’s okay if you are gay or whatever the fuck, but nobody cares, and I don’t want to see gay shit because I’m not gay, and the largest part of the population isn’t gay either. It’s honestly getting on my nerves. I’m considering dropping this at this point, purely because the author chose to go with the retardwagon and force it into his/her work.

  4. Idk y… but I feel like that pig’s human form rlly suits him…
    also wat’s up with the side story? is it gonna influence the main story or is it just filler….
    btw thank you Leaf!

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