Pupillary Master Chapter 110.5

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  1. Arent you guys a little hypocrite, the fm basically sexually assaulted the ml (she touched his Dick and touch him when he didn’t wanted) You guys support that but when the support character guy forces the other friend to a brothel and touches him it’s to much. The whole story relationships are little toxic but they do it in the name of love and that’s why it’s oke ? I think you should just read the story as it is and complain less.

    1. I hate to break it to you (not really though) but people can read something and still dislike aspects of it. You don’t have to blindly accept whatever is written. So I’ll keep right on saying what I like or dislike about the story all I want. Deal with it. Also who said it was supported? You’re making a lot of assumptions. And there’s a HUGE differnce with comparing Trash Gay Guy/Wimpy Gay Guy and FML/ML.

      It’s laughable that you think Fengyu is doing it in the name of “love” when there’s been nothing to support it. He’s just a thirsty sexual predator like the other gay guy wtfever his name is. If he “loved” xiaobei he’d learn to take no for an answer, not manipulate him emotionally, not be toxic in GENERAL and move on with his life, but the author apparently thinks gay people don’t care about other people’s feelings and only go after what they want. Xiaobei has shown ZERO interest in him.

      On the other hand, FML and ML actually HAVE interest in each other, and granted, she was pretty sleazy in the beginning, she primarily was doing it to troll him and throw him off her trail. She didn’t try to force him into a brothel to try to get in his pants and get him horny. ML’s awkwardness was because he doesn’t know how to deal with someone so assertive. She was *NOT* molesting him to the degree Fengyu is to Xiaobei.

    1. And? The entirety of the storyline right now is split what’s going on with the Luo family and the shitty subplot with the predator and his friend, it’s not a surprise. You’re going to get either people asking for more REAL story, or people pointing out how bad the subplot is. And considering the focus in the last two chapters, You shouldn’t be surprised people are disgusted with it.

  2. zucchini is righttttt

    ✨THANK YOU LEAF FOR THE CHAPTER✨ My life would be hands down chaotic if not for you blessing my life these chapters✨✨ thanksssssssssss

  3. Man usually I don’t mind support character romance but this is really really bad. To forceful and lack of chamistry

  4. UGGH Really could not care LESS about the Adventures of the Gay Sexual Predator(s),I’m more interested in ML and FML and what’s going down at the Luo family.

    But really, Goddamn Fengyu can’t stop being a piece of shit, can he c-c On the plus side the Master should be seeing all of this so hopefully he’ll stop it and kick his ass. Then banish that idiot.


    I also just wanna skip all this lovey-dovey crap and get to the good stuff but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

    ✨THANK YOU LEAF FOR THE CHAPTER✨ My life would be hands down chaotic if not for you blessing my life these chapters✨✨

    1. Nothing about the interactions between the two servants is “lovey dovey”, please don’t be confused by this pathetic, offensive, sickening display

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