Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 347.5

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  1. Damn I really cackled when they said all their hopes were pinned to that incompetent spoiled princess…. and then Aheng opened the door in her face AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA

  2. I forgot to mention this a few chapter back, but Dashun king is so carefree, I might believe it if someone told me the one running the country is his eunuch friend

  3. Quite a big haul there. I still think many of the Feng clan need to go to jail, or die in an “accident” on the way there.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! God bless you!

    1. I partialy agree. have the father killed, an put MC brother to become patriarce. until he is of age someone else will controll the fang family. (if a male is needed than someone loyal to the MC) and the 2 “mothers” that hte queen sent in.

  4. Oh dear. Looks like Qianzhou is as good as done. If things keep going this way they get Qianzhou without any losses. How will a country with all it´s leaders in prison fight back? Or is the king still in Qianzhou? With that said even if he is, the opposing country has his sister who helped him get the throne… all really comes down to two big mistakes on their (Qianzhou) part. 1. they tried and failed to kill the 9th prince, leaving both him and Aheng wanting for revange and 2. they spoiled Rujia rotten. All their plots and plans started to unravel one after the other after Rujias overly arrogant and spoiled behaviour.
    Had Rujia been a bit smarter and not insult the 9th prince, things might be slightly different… none can outsmart Aheng or 9th so they propably would have ended badly anyway, just not as soon…

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