Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 179.2

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  1. the issue people have is they think romance is the main plot point its not its the side plot the main plot is beiyues revenge for her mom and dad and now probably killing her master

    i saw this reaction from the fans comeing as i could tell were the plot was going

    1. i guess when jokingly said i feel like im the only one who follows the non romance plot i was right as i could explain it but im Shure no one wants a 5 paragraph essay on plot.

  2. I feel like someone is going to come and play the hero to save her. Which one of the 3 males would be, if any?!?! Hmm…
    It’s a very interesting story and full of suspense, however, I agree that the chapters are just way too short and it cuts from the reading flow. Not sure what’s going on and why that happened.
    Thanks for your hard work regardless.

  3. Honestly I really liked this manhua when it was about the romance and treachery in the palace arc. But this one kinda got boring and like Im not getting interested

    1. righT? Its my fav at first but now not so much..

      And that crown prince, i already sunk their ship.. He isnt as cool now.

      Somehow.. Im starting to like yan.. Hopes he break free from the seal and be with yue..

      Im so gonna ship them if it happens🥰

  4. yeah this story is losing me fast. She was such a good strong character, now after that timeskip she’s just a useless female lead in any other Male MC lead story but there is no male MC so I am left wondering when is she going to get her shit together and stop being so fucking weak.

  5. I think part of the issue is the author is shortening the chapters, so you get pulled in and out of the story. I’m quite interested in what’s going on,it’s just hard to get invested when it takes so long for short chapters. Sorry author, I’m sure you’re trying you best!

    Thanks leaf, QQ, and blank!!!

  6. Kinda liked this better without the story arc it is at right now. The family problem ones at the start were ok, but this part had me loose interest.

    Ty for your hard work Leaf and co.

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