Pupillary Master Chapter 109.5

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  1. Side note: I’m betting the Master is asking the other dude to seduce the idiot because he’s trying to learn how to interact with FMC..yet the author has made all the gay characters into bloody sexual predators who don’t know how to take no for an answer, so he’s getting bad tips from these assholes… which explains a lot with how he deals with FMC. Frankly the Master barely even needs them and should just get rid of them. Also Fengyu should give a -REAL- apology and stop being pissy.

  2. Sick of these side characters that had been useless all along and has no other purpose than be there for BL fanservice. The plot would not be different with or without them yet they take up so much space

  3. argh, I’m sick of these guys, why can’t you continue with the main story and the main characters. every chapter contains only a little about the ML and FML but most of it is only about these side-characters. m(-_-)m
    thank you timelessleaf

    1. Amen, one has zero personality and the other is a sexual predator. They have contributed nothing to the story and you’d lose nothing by writing them out and only gain.

    1. LOL “Poor Fengyu”?

      Why do you feel bad for a Predator that tried to manipulate, force and molest his so called friend? Dude is sick and toxic and doesn’t deserve the other idiot.

        1. I feel worse for Xiaobei, he’s weak willed, but someone he trusted just tried to force him with no consideration for his feelings or opinions.

          And that ‘heartbreak’ was him pretending to be a victim to the ACTUAL victim. So no, I don’t feel any sympathy for someone who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. When you don’t even know for sure if Xiaobei is gay. He’s a toxic person.

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