Sijin Chapter 59.3

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  1. thanks for the updates ying hua san and leaf <3
    i like the ML yuqi <3, he is so in love with FL
    i think FL just misunderstanding him, he is kind to her and always help her

  2. Okay, I noticed people are getting upset but I think they don’t understand that the ML’s type of character is called “black belly”, meaning he’s cheeky. She’s annoyed because she always win against others but ML is so cheeky, he outtalks her and makes her flustered. 🤣

    Also, we forget that this is MC’s perspective, which means it could be flawed as well. The ML never hurt her in her previous life and had always doted on her. She is upset with him because she thinks he’s in love with the goddess and not her.

    As you can see, she may say one thing but her reactions are different, just as he mentioned in this chapter; with her personality, if she really dislike someone, she wouldn’t let them hold her hand for that long. You can also see the big contrast between her blushing with ML and her complete disgust with her second sister/cousin’s husband (the perv). She was ready to kill the brother in law with her hairpin if he got too close.

    Tldr: ML not real scumbag and MC misunderstands him.

  3. hey hey stop being pushy u shietty prince…ooh second brother too curious for his own good..i wonder if second brother ingested something from that soup since hes seing that thing in his room..ty for chaptres..

  4. I am dropping this manhua. I got to with the ML. she is the MC the plot armor should be used to her benefit, no ML , cuz MLs and FLs come and go but the MC always stay even if a second MC is introduced. she said no and gtfo…but he still continues. i am very angry. i would hate to see my niece having that issue. i would punch that fcking boy face.

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