Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 345.5

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  1. Still trying to throw dirt on MC, such sh*tty sister. Even in this situation the feng family is doing the same thing, blaming and discarding their members, blaming others to avoid responsibilities, and still trying to keep anything valuable. They deserve destruction.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! God bless you!

    1. even so they still wouldn’t searched aheng’s house, since technically her mother have already divorced from the feng family iirc.

      1. well yeah, but does that not make the only safe place to hide then? plus there is a perfect hostage in there, or did the mother get sent to see ziryi already? tho if rujia is in fact in there chenyi is showing off a scheme of hers… she always did want to scream her victorious schemes against her sister out. Like when she set her up to be killed or disgraced. in this case tho if that is where rujia is really found and it turns out to be chenyis idea, she will not know how she died…. just my opinion tho, still need to see how things actually go

        1. Hide in the County Residence? That’s guarded by the 9th princes hidden guards and men, along with Aheng’s people? That would require a death wish…

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