Pupillary Master Chapter 108.5

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  1. Yeah, what’s wrong with him indeed!! Forcefully dragging his partner and then when he doesn’t like it gets angry with him and acts like the victim. Everyone is entitled with their own opinions and preference but forcing others to like your ideals is too much, they also have their own ideals and feelings too no need to be so forceful hmmp

  2. So now the manipulative asshole servant is trying to guilt trip the other one into being gay? And here I thought my disgust could not get any stronger with a character.

      1. Are you kidding me? He DID manipulate the other servant no matter where you stand on the matter.

        Yes, he likes him, but you’re completely disregarding some very important facts that :
        1: The other servant doesn’t know how he feels,
        2: the first servant is FORCING these feelings on his supposed “Friend” even knowing that he’s confused and may not like him the same way
        3: The first servant FORCED his friend to go to a brothel even after the man is telling him he doesn’t -want to go-
        4: The manipulative servant then proceeds to try to force himself on his “friend”
        5: Gets angry when another gay man comes onto said friend even though it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t dragged him there in the first place
        6: Does the Manipulative “I’m sorry I MOLESTED you, Please don’t be mad and stay friend” complete with Crying.
        That shit is toxic as fuck and he has NO right to get mad about it.

        1. +1 for Mai
          If apologies are enough why do we need justice.
          The right thing to write without making him a predator would be them arriving totally by accident in the room, the black haired guy saying something like disgusting to the man proposing to him and after his friend asking him if he is really disgusted by homosexuality.
          Without forcing him or trying to molest him.
          But no, the author made him into a sexual aggressor that is now playing the victim card. It is really toxic af.

  3. So we’re adding gaslighting and emotional manipulation to this toxic piece of crap’s list of crimes are we? Good job author.. you asshat.

  4. This guy! Acting like he’s the victim and gaslighting the actual victim. You dragged him to watch something he didn’t want to see and tried making moves on him! That doesn’t work so you guilt him for being homophobic and act like you’re the wronged party. Run away and stay away!

    1. yes, he doesn’t like it. we don’t know later but i feel like he is straight and all this is foreshadowing for the into of the “male” bodyguard of the MC. I dunno that is how it looks.

      but yeah I hate how they force people into liking someone. they dont like it. why are they even that pushy?

      1. Whether it is or not (honestly at this point I kind of hope that’s what they’re doing just so the gay servant gets rejected even harder since he doesn’t know the meaning of the word NO), it’s obvious the author is writing him to not care about anything but his own lust for the poor guy.

        Literally all of their forced’romantic’ interactions are: “I like you.” “I am extremely uncomfortable.” “I don’t I’m going to push my desire on you because you don’t have a backbone to slap me and stop being friends.”

        This is one of the most toxic “friendship”s I’ve ever seen.

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