Sijin Chapter 58.3

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  1. Thx for the chapter Yingua and Leaf. I’m also getting sick of how the author is making the characters act. Why would her overprotective brother not question his own gut feeling that something isn’t right about making his sister hang out with a guy she clearly doesn’t like? And he won’t leave her alone, even purposely putting her in a bad spot so he can be her ‘knight in shining armor’. That’s the part that really makes me annoyed

  2. it is really pissing me off on how the authors are. is this a chinese manhua? it feels like it. no matter what, even if they gives us the best FMC, her FL [the maid] is strong but kind of easy to convince, her relatives are dumb as fck that she needs to protect them, and the ML is a stalker and will accept no a single no for an answer. She wants to continue living without him…why
    -__- force her to love someone? why? why aren’t men force to love someone? no matter what even if their family forced them, they find a love meanwhile the other spouse must suffer?

    this is not realistic. if he came back to the past as she, he wouldn’t have continue doing this together., He killed her or he did something that killed her, directly or indirectly, he should be only protecting her from the shadows and just try to befriend her in a slow pace. Just because this is fiction, the author doesn’t have the right to torment the characters -_-

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