Pupillary Master Chapter 107.5

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  1. This is such bad LGBTQ+ representation, the author is literally depicting him as a PREDATOR. He was boring before but now he’s just a shitty person as a character. He forces his friend to go to a brothel, tries to force himself on his friend because he’s lusting after him while his friend is still confused or against the idea, then gets pissed off that another gay dude comes onto him when it’s HIS FAULT FOR DRAGGING HIM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    How _stupid_ can you be? Oh and let me guess, the author’s going to try and force a gay relationship between the two because of this. You can’t even compare this with the scene between FMC and MMC like the author is probably TRYing to mirror and failing miserably. :p

    1. as I said, I do think this is a foreshadowing for the introduction of the MC’s bodyguard. Do you remember that we learned that he is a woman but just grew up and is how she lived all her life as a man? and of course, she continues acting as such and dressing. I am guessing we are going to have a problem with 2nd servant falling for the bodyguard and the 1st servant is going to be jealous.

      the misunderstanding is going to be resolved once the 2nd servant get to know he is a woman, and she likes to live like a man or that is how she grew up.

      I do believe that and we will have 2 things happening. the servants made up and become friends again or the 2st servant is going to be jealous and is going to try the bodyguard.

      I dunno if that will happen but I have that hint. btw , that attitude remains me to what happened to a group of friends in mmorpg. You how some girls play male avatars. Well, in the group no one knew that they were girls until later on we got a voice chat. within our group we got a gay guy trying to flirt with many of us, but most of us were not into it. but then we saw one of the girls flirting with a with of one our friend, we thought it was weird lol cuz we knew he was not gay but after the voice chat we got to see why he was ok flirting with this other “dude”

    2. but after awhile those two friends stopped joining us, the spot we would hang out in game and joining parties to go to dungeons. We found out later on, that the gay guy was harassing the girl cuz our friend didn’t pick him nor flirt with him. We were sort of friends with the girl since she would joined the group but was new. she showed us [with screenshots of their messages and convo in and outside the game] how she was making her feel like dirty by saying, “she didn’t act like a lady like and was behaving slutty” and some other things that was bad. we laughed in the idiocy our friend’s friend. We told her to report her and we would help if need witnesses.

      I hope it doesn’t happen here BUT by looking in the way the 2st servant is forcing his way with the 2nd servant and we DO have a fe/male guard that will eventually meet up with the MC and I do believe they will meet up when these servants get to find her, well I think that could happen. The characters made it look like that or at least it remined me to that thing.

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