Goddess Creation System Chapter 347.5

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  1. Wth is wrong with the teacher’s eyes! Accepting a disciple with those dirty heart and also not as capable would just ruin his reputation when she went down later. What a joke. Can’t he see it?

  2. Waiting for Xiaxi to deliver some slaps soon. Linguan needs to be knocked down like a hundred pegs as does her lackey. Also, that teacher, even for a joke, it was indeed much.
    Thank you Leaf for your hard work. I appreciate the chapters 💚

  3. Does the teacher ran guy kinda have similar features to the prince frolic the first world? They both have white hair and a red tear drop on their forehead

  4. Unpopular opinion, but I actually like this twist. It’s no fun if the MC always gets her way, I’m eager to see what Ran’s up to and what Xiaxi will do to overcome this.

  5. Honestly if this turns out to make the teacher who chose her look like a good guy I’ll be really annoyed because he definitely isn’t. He’s probably chaotic neutral at best. Especially if he chose her as a joke and comes in later with “but no I wanted you”. Ef that.

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