Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 200.5

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  1. Can I just say that it is so f**king satisfying seeing her give 1000x payback to the people who ridiculed, shunned, abused and demoralized her? This chapter was SO cathartic!!! <3

  2. I’m still saying she cheated. She scanned an item after the time limit. The system didn’t update the parts to a whole, but as a new item that had to be scanned. So as a rule person I would fault her. Because then there would be nothing to stop someone from now taking 2 years to create a Godly weapon from their items.

    1. Well, strength is everything in that world so it doesn’t really matter to them anymore….. Still fools are definitely fools being tricked so easily serves those meanies right ! Making me waste so many chapters worth of tears reading the MC’s misery…..

    2. She didn’t cheat at all though…she used things she already scanned in the first place and made something out of that making an upgrade its not cheating its actually playing smart.

      1. IKR if she were a guy they’d say she was a freaking genius the ingredients were scanned before the time limit how’s that cheating, she didn’t sneak in unscanned treasure haters are the worse.

    3. You really shouldn’t lie she ask the judge to verify that the ingredients she was gonna use was already scanned so she could use it to make her pill. lying is bad it makes you look monsaginistic and petty cause she’s female MC stop lying.

  3. My dear god they’re totally shameless there more worried bout the lost glory and not about falsely persecuting & torturing her disgusting.

  4. Thanks for the chapter! Been waiting for this for a while!! Sometime all the different ranks confuses me, the wikia page isnt complete unfortunately.

  5. xuanji sect deserve more shame because they deserve it, this is not enough yet reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    it will be more shameless if xuanji sect recruit her once again lol

  6. 😁 hahaha a clean sweep over Sangran but I was not expecting the God weapon to make an appearance. Let’s see what heights see can go to next having produced a God grade pill.

  7. Now… for the extra cherry on top, all she has to do is announce as the city lord that Sangren murdered her master fluffy, and for that crime and for framing her for the crime, Sangren and anyone who knowingly supports her are officially traitors and enemies of the state.

  8. Humph, if you haven’t look down upon her and rejected her, you all might be now at the top with lianwan🙄 Karma has no menu. You got served what you deserve. -pinterest😅😜

    Thx leaf!

  9. Awesome! Let’s get these guys know how much they’ve lost. Now, the red cute beast will love her hahaha thanks again, leaf team!!

  10. I bet miss green hairs with closed eyes (don’t want to remember her name) must be really proud of herself : all of her schemes led her sect to this point.
    Yeah, bully the MC for no other reason than “because” was really a smart move indeed.

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