Goddess Creation System Chapter 341.5

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  1. I’m super excited! Can’t wait for the next chapter! Win your rightful rewards Xiaxi, beat the system (this arc anyway)! Thank you for the chapter LeafSama 💚

    1. No, they won’t become his subordinates, but instead, a disciple. Its like, if they win, he will become their teacher and also they will be an inner disciple, the outer disciple are fighting to win bcus if they did, they will have him(who has a high cultivation level) as a teacher. There is a difference between the title, ‘master’ that a servant or subordinate calls and ‘master’ that a disciple used to call their teacher. Sorry if it’s too long XD

    1. Can you please explain why is is would be bad ?? Cos I already miss a lot chapter so I don’t really know and I’m a bit impatient to read again to know I guess I already miss about hundreds chapter already

      1. Damn, u do miss a lot of stuff, u need to read to know, its hard to explain XD abd btw, this is also a new world, the previous was in japan.

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