Sijin Chapter 52.3

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  1. So typical and annoying that every time a female character says “no I wont get with that guy” it’s just saying they will, a bit later. Why? Because female characters can not stick by anything, flimsy and silly, don’t know what they want, no matter if the author is female or male, same shit always happens.

  2. Jam I agree with you. I think the prince sent her, the dog and himself back in time. Remember she died needlessly. And the prince remembers everything she does. He just doesn’t know that she thinks he loved and married her because he thought she was someone else. Come on, I thought this girl was smart, if she can’t figure out that if the dog remembers then the prince would remember too. If she can’t figure out this simple conclusion, then she is just a lightbulb waiting to be screwed. Thank God the dog is there!!!!🙄🙄🙄

  3. Thanks yinghua! I love the use of yellow for info casting idioms.

    Also, I’m definitely still waiting to see how things turn out. this story is so good so far and there are still so many mysteries.

  4. I believe he was sent back too, or he sent her back. There was likely some big misunderstanding or crazy situation that caused him to act and her to misunderstand and ultimately die. I think he did something to bring himself, her and the dog back. I think it could be even deeper too. Often, you think that it’s kind of superficial, but there’s probably some big bad that was the ultimate reason behind it all.

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