Return of the Demon Goddess Chapter 30.5

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  1. OMG! are they really tryin to sell this B*** as a good guy who made him GOD over who lives or dies somebody kill him so he can reincarnate as a cockroach so I can step on him.

  2. The for the chapter Leaf! I’m still on the fence about the ml. Regardless of the events leading up to her death being an accident, his personality itself is meh

    1. Yeahh, I agree with you!! To be honest, I expected this kind of reversal, “asshole-turned-redeemed” :/ but despite it having been confirmed, I still don’t really like the ML because he’s so bland and boring whenever his scene pops up. Vague hints here and there about his longing for the MC, yadayadayada

  3. Yeah I find people jump to conclusions too quickly when there’s a “betrayal” like this. Often times there’s a reason for it. I don’t hate on the characters until everything comes to light.

  4. So you’re saying he killed her to “save” her? I wonder if he’s the reason she was reborn? To do what he had to cuz he loved her but couldn’t condone her demon form so he killed the demon and made sure she would be reborn as a human. The plot thickens. Thanks for the chapter

    1. I don’t think he intended to kill her. Perhaps injure her to deceive others and things got out of hand? I’m very curious to see the author’s reasoning, since they hinted he had to do it to protect her. Until then, I’m still enjoying the rest of the story so I can wait patiently.

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