Sijin Chapter 51.2

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  1. Honestly, at this point I’m still reading this just for MC’s plot and her relationship with her older brother (and maybe that one kind cousin sister who I forgot the name is). I really did not want her to ended up with anyone… though we all already know who the ML is.

    1. the author is changing the story. Just for the sake of the plot. Why can’t he just let her go. She is showing many, multiple times that she doesn’t want to be him. She is getting annoyed and doesn’t blush in a romantically way when he get close. I hate how sexual harassment looks perfectly find in shoujo stories, but in any other type of genre that is a female doing it to a MC is wrong or with evil intensions…while in shoujo is just the ML who is just soo in love and is showing his passion….what gives, man?

      @DOHere to me it makes things even worse then. He was planning to marry the fake saintess cuz she looked like this girl? She was lost for many months and no one knew about it. It is impossible for him to know she was the same girl he fell in love with. After confirm it, he was ” YES! the girl I loved is here and the one I got a crushed cuz she was her substitute is dead. I am sad for the poor girl, but I am happy cuz I am happy with my desire?”

      The MC remembered how he made many mistakes and she ended up dead cuz of his many mistakes. What is so wrong for her to want to go away from him? I am rooting for her to escape and be happy with someone who has a lower social status cuz a married wife in the imperial family is bad.

      1. Your point about stalkerish MLs is exactly the reason why I want her to not end up with anyone. Like, is it so hard to ask about a story where MC ditch their husband from their previous life, became independent AND then stay independent and not latching into any ML?

  2. So he’s not reincarnated. He just liked her from young. So he obviouslly knew who she was in their previous lifetime. He knew she wasn’t the saintess, but young miss Jiang and she’s the one he liked. As I suspected

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