Pupillary Master Chapter 95.5

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Leaf! YESSSS we’re going down the long road of suffering instead of a simple insta-kill. It’ll be funny seeing her reactions

  2. This is the technique passed down in legends… ive only heard runors of it. Its name in itself is crypic… the legendary “common sense”

    1. OMG I think I read it once! It was back then when you would consider the world to be another world! it was heard about common sense but it was so far to cultivate that only the top of top in the entire world knew how to reach that comprehension!

      Aiyooo.. my head hurts now for just thinking about it xD

  3. Oh… Beating them up? That’s at the END, not at the beginning phase (?) of her revenge.
    Just beating up Xinyi would be letting her off WAY too lightly after all she has done, don’t you think?
    ‘Hit’ her where it hurts, first. That is – in no particular order – her (ill-gained) wealth, her other resources, her reputation, her social standing. (Did I forget anything…?)
    THEN, after sending her to rock bottom, after she’s felt the despair that FL had to feel, then we can talk about beating her up.
    Although chances are, FL will think of a different solution.
    I am looking forward to finding out!!!

    Thank you VERY MUCH for this chapter! ♥

  4. This is new. Usually, the MC just beats everyone up. This is refreshing! The MC knows her enemies. I wonder the old man will understand.

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