Sijin Chapter 50

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Please give your thanks to Yinghua!



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  1. thx yinghua san and leaf san <3
    this series really nice, now i always wait for feng qi cang lan and this sijin xD
    u see what the prince said "being and unloved prince and marrying a lady who had been previously divorced should be much easier", thats mean ml also reborn and he know that he married fl who is not the real saint goddess before. maybe there is a reason why he cant directly open her secret that he know who she is (like he dont want fl feel ashamed as widow)
    i like this ML, can saw him really loves FL and hes cute with his ultra clever cute erniu too~<3

    1. she knows he knew, cuz SHE TOLD HIM :> after they fell in love, she told him she was the fake saintess. Sorry to burps your bubble. She just doesn’t want to marry him AGAIN because AFTER she TOLD HIM BEFORE marrying him, he betrayed her o_o.

      why? who knows. he was lied? even here he shows how intelligent he is to not go to his mother, father and relatives, he did it for her own good? come on…. then why didn’t you divorce her? better have a “bad reputation” and be forgotten by the bad relative of him that being surrounded by those murders, he was lied and killed her?! then just let her go cuz you will fall for it…you won’t believe those you lied to you, but you just gave an example that you will betray her if you “discover” she was with another man/woman or “was touched.”

      This is the reason why she said she will never go back to him. He betrayed her and will never go back to someone like him. That is what she explained o_o.

      1. Uh when in this life did she tell him he betrayed her? Cause I never came across that, and she hasn’t been married yet either so “previously divorced” is wrong. She’s previously engaged but that’s it.

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