Sijin Chapter 50.3

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  1. thx so much yinghua san and leaf san <3
    this series really nice, now i always wait for feng qi cang lan and this sijin xD
    u see what the prince said "being and unloved prince and marrying a lady who had been previously divorced should be much easier", thats mean ml also reborn and he know that he married fl who is not the real saint goddess before. maybe there is a reason why he cant directly open her secret that he know who she is (like he dont want fl feel ashamed as widow)
    i like this ML, can saw him really loves FL and hes cute with his super clever cute erniu too~<3<3<3

  2. So it looks like Jiang Si, Yuqi and Erniu have been time traveled back, but how. I bet the 13th prince did it! for her! She said she died tragically, maybe he was not able to save her in time.

  3. Lol every time i sneeze i be like: Who the beech talking behind mah back huh?
    Btw, wondering if mc is reincarnated too? Coz he says marrying a divorced woman? It would make sense if he’s talking bout past life, but not in the present coz fmc didn’t marry anyone yet….?

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