Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 199.5

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  1. Even if it hits her it probably won’t affect her. She already went through being hit by heavenly lightning in more severe stages SEVEN friggin times! U think all that was for nothin’? Well NEWSFLSH! NAH BIATCH!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the new chapters. I delayed a lil bit well I thought it would be more but it still hanged me upside down. Aghh!! Wan!!

  3. Thanks for the update Leaf! Oh this girl thinks Xiaowan is as stupid as her and can’t survive a single lighting strike🤣

  4. Finally. Its coming.
    Im always waiting for this series.

    Every day that other series got updated instead, was an unfortunate day for me.

    Thanks leaf. Hope fully you can bring this series up daily.

  5. She just already endure 10lightnings at the demon world what else she cannot do ? Thanks for the update PLEASE UPDATE MORE 😁❤️😍🥰

  6. Thanks for the chapter! What’s the difference between heavenly calamity and lightning pill calamity? Sangran has to live with the disappointment lol.

  7. Ahh… pill lightning a classic, i wonder if she is going to endure the lightning or use something to intercept it like Xiao Yan from battle through the heavens. If she does use something to intercept it there is only one thing strong enough.. brick-kun I choose you.

  8. Oh! This is where her cultivation training with Yan Moge comes into play and the knowledge of pills that was engraved into her.

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