Return of the Demon Goddess Chapter 28.3

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  1. all that sect master has done is make her into a bigger target for ppl to retaliate and act against.if he was gonna do those things,he should have waited until she was up to her previous level of power so she can defend herself..ahh wat do i know, all i know is im glad she still has a grudge against that guy..if she forgives him so easily,ill flip a table..^_^..ty for chaptres..

  2. But if you self detonate your soul is destroyed, you can’t come back but Youling did and now she looks like her serpent form has evolved? 😋😋😋

  3. I’m 100% confused. Does the sect master regret killing his teacher or not? Isn’t that one teacher his lover? Is it supposed to be this easy to get rid of villains?

    1. From what it has been hinted, he did stab her with the sword but wasnt planning on killing her, more like put on a show to pretend. He didnt expect she wouldnt trust him and self detonated, and yes he regrets it.

      As for the teacher who got expelled, he had a crush on him but he never looked at her. Which is why she got pissed at MC who has same name as his master to insure he got over her.

      Lastly, the teacher only got expelled, not like they were killed. So it is nit impossible for her to seek revenge outside the sect

      1. Ya he never expected her to blow herself up and im sure they will reconcile at a later point in the story and as for the one that was just thrown out she now has more freedom to act in the sect she had people above her that was watching what she was doing this isn’t the case anymore.

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