Pupillary Master Chapter 94.5

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  1. She should have offered the fool her sister’s marriage rights, in exchange for forfeiting all claims to her inheritance and suitable compensation. Cause I doubt a fool that easily manipulated has a wife. And even if he did, having her degraded to concubine works too.
    Besides, depending on how it’d play out, it could have been more fun than watching her be eaten alive.

  2. Wait, no that’s a really good question. How IS she suppose to know who he is without him introducing himself?? They all know that she’s blind….

  3. Doh of course she can’t put anyone in her eyes coz some evil bitz blinded her.
    Roses 🌹 are red
    Carnations 🌸 are pink
    It is very nice….
    To see a next chapter l.i.n.k

    Is this poem better? No? I’ll go jump in the ocean. Splash!!

    Thanks Leaf 🌿 for the chapter 💗

  4. The remainder of this sis arc is a bit annoying as she inexplicably let her go a few chapters back. It should have been wrapped up already. It’s not like MC isn’t willing to use lethal force, based on how she just dealt with the dad.

    1. I think MC believes in eye for an eye. She didnt have any personal grudge with the uncle other than the grandfatgers cultivation bein harmed so she got revenge.

      But in her case, its a personal grudge so she wants her to suffer in endless misery.

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