Sijin Chapter 49.2

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  1. I’m pretty certain that the dog and master remember their past lives too. But either way, that cousin did treat the FL poorly in this life as well. Disregard, humiliation, and jilting are no way to treat your fiance, especially in the setting of the story.

  2. I think it’s very fair to dislike the dog here and the master. Or at least for this particular chapter. Ruining a random citizen’s wedding just because your rank is too high to be touched is not classy. That dog clearly understands what it’s doing so you can’t even say he’s an animal that doesn’t know any better. To be so proud of flaunting your rank from any other perspective is disgusting. I don’t feel it’s fine to give them a free pass for it just because they’re the ML (or in this case the ML’s dog). That’s just hypocritical and MLs (and their lackies) should be held to the same moral standards of normal characters.

    1. It is not a random citizen, it is his cousin who mistreated the FL. And are you really expecting a dog to have morals. The dog went there alone.

      1. Lets not mix up timelines. he mistreated FL in her PAST LIFE. In this life he hasn’t met her yet that’s why we were just shown that he doesn’t recognize her. It’s true that he called off his engagement to FL in order to pursue his own love but he has yet to meet FL in this lifetime.

        As for him being a dog yes considering the level of intelligence the author wants to lead us to believe Erniu has and that he was actually worthy of a high military rank I DO expect him to have morals that support him being worthy of that rank or else he’s just abusing it.

  3. ok ok i like that dog..hes too clever to be a normal dog..hehe ..his master ,take it or leave it is my take on him..ty for your efforts 🙂

  4. We still don’t know the backstory to why the owner did all those things in her previous life. So be patient. I love that dog he’s so full of life, has great comedic timing, and expresses what he wants without saying anything.

  5. We get it y’all find the dog and the master annoying but do you really have to let us know every chapter? Some of us actually like the characters in the manhua. Anyway, thank for the chapter Leaf.

  6. I can’t help but love him lol. What’s disappointing is that the anguo since live for the woman isn’t as deep as he made it seem.

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