Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 334.5

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  1. zirui is not a burden the mother is and she is so ungrateful attacking her own daughter for an unknown child that could be just a spy

  2. I understand that it might because of the drugs but still ot annoys me how she reacts.. thinking they’re a burden when they’re the reason Aheng’s working hard too..

  3. This is such a mess, such a complicated mess that it’s hard to think of a clean way out. Still, Heng and her maids should have tried something better to prove this lil dwarf isn’t a kid, though that stupid mother might not believe them anyway (her pink vision is too stronk).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work, Leaf and Co! God bless you!

    1. I agree, but then I come across with a tough question: Like what? The best they could have done is play time, but the mother would still be at risk. I bet she will not see the truth until the dwarf holds a knive on her throat. With that said I do not actually know what will happen, that was just a figure of speach on my part.

      Ty Leaf and co, I love this series

  4. The thing that messes this up the most are when characters do theses weird changes like they’re made to exit the character out of the story but it’s always so abrupt.

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