Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 197.5

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  1. Hmmmmmm … i think sangran did something… like she scanned her treasures multiple times???? Hmmmm i just guess … its kinda suspicious.

  2. Hnn…..Wait isn’t the people with her going to feel betrayed considering she said she would share everything yet she had so much withheld to get such a score…suspicious right?

  3. Thanks so much for the chapters XD Lian wan is soooo smug XD love it, cant wait for how she will surpass sangran XD <3<3<3
    Thanks so much for the chapters again -^-^-<3<3<3<3 -^-^-

  4. What if, she can’t scan in treasures that wasn’t acquired inside the secret boundary? And her score gets reduced back to 620,000💀

  5. I’m just disappointed she didn’t just gather 9 people just below her, and bump all their scores up to the point that Sangran was knocked off the leaderboard.

  6. Looks like Feng was tricking Sangran into scanning all her treasures. Maybe scanned treasures have to be handed over after the competition, so Sangran will be broke!

  7. Thanks leaf for the update.
    I think all stolen treasures of sangran and the saliva leaf will not be counted since everything is recorded.

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