Sijin Chapter 45.3

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  1. I would like to crack his egg off and hang it at his neck and tattoo his face with jerk bastard murder pervert raper and give his ass to thousand of hungry man who looking for ass damnit ugh I’m so angry

  2. Thier second sis and her husband are a perfect match,, both are DISGUSTING and aren’t qualified to be humans
    Thanks for ur work, Yinghua🌺

  3. Ohh….. I’m glad he back off here, but he’s still a fricking inhuman dastard beast!! Oh poor women, killed after satisfying it’s lust. May MC able to find peace to them quickly.

    And thanks for the chapter!

  4. Omg! He’s truly a monster! He kill all those women after he had his fun with them! He doesn’t deserve to walk among the living! Off with his head!

    1. Yeah he is trash (a decomposed trash) since back then only the mystical doctors knew how to abort naturally witjout causing sebere side effects to the women, and there was no way to use pills and condoms, it was easier ro just kill girls from common background. Nobles were considered from a higher level becausw of money bit most importantly from a noble/pure origin. That is how things were changed and that is how things was known after the dark ages time period.

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