Sijin Chapter 44.3

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  1. Lol bet he won’t be able to do his plan coz Jian Li was there… huehue…damn dude, can you jst keep it in ur pants!?

  2. Here is my guess for what may happen next.

    Our FL will end up”defending” herself and the other girl using the bronze hairpin against an “intruder”.

    The “intruder” will have gotten away.

    When the girls make a big fuss this will bring in the “police” the “detective” in questioning will recognize the hairpin as something belonging to a missing girl.

    The FL will inform where they found the hairpin. And when searched or suspect they will find numerous bodies.

    Or it will be something completely different. But I look forward to reading how close or easy off my guess is.

    Thank you to those making this possible.

  3. That 2nd sister is e-e-evil, sacrificing her little sisters to that psychopathic and perverted husband of hers. I hope Jiang Si and Jiang Li beat the crap out of him, castrate that pig. I only wish her father and brother were there to have that perverted rapist and murder arrested, because you know the family know what he is and will hide his crimes, regardless of who he hurts. Jiang Si needs to be more careful she is taking unnecessary risks. Where’s the hero dog!!!

      1. it is her fault. It doesn’t matter how much of a victim you are but your bitterness should never and I mean NEVER be given to someone else or instead of being the victim, you become the perpetrator as well.

        do not defend the shameful act of a person with the victim card. This is an excuse that they will use for the rest of their life. Yes, someone should save her, but her actions made her be a perpetrator as well. She is not a victim anymore but become the very thing that she despite.

    1. don’t bring that dog into the picture. It doesn’t matter if now the prince and the dog that came back to the past began to love her after learning her real identity wasn’t of the saintess she at first got a crush. He lied to her and did many errors.

      They should move on and when they are apart find a way to show in a sincere way that he wanted her. Nothing can be resolve if the same people who harm each other stay in a relationship without a separation and a break from one another.

      She doesn’t like the prince. No after learning all the things he did. even if it mean to “protect her” nope. that doesn’t give him the excuse. If he really loves her, he would let her go. If she was meant to be his, she will come back and be with her.

      I don’t see him as the ML. I want to see her soulmate the one she couldn’t find in her previous try in life.

  4. Oh fu-fu-fu-fu-fudge! The hell with him?!! Get some rest for your lust, man. That’s so disgusting, even from me as a man, seriously!! Hope he’ll be castrated soon.

    And thanks for the chapter!

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