Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 175.6

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  1. the whole story has been beiyue killing someone in revenge and another one appears i was beginning to wonder when the next person would get added to the list.

  2. I hate betrayal the most. Yun li, I had high hopes for you but now it’s all ruined. Fucking monster. I’m going to delete all your saved pictures. What a piece of shit. You don’t deserve to be called master of Huang Beiyue.

    Thanks a lot, Stephii.

  3. OMG! Why did you have to change teacher? I had so much high hopes for you! I thought you’ll help Beiyue become even stronger. 😫😭

  4. Honestly if i was him then i would be more than happy to just be with her despite the change. The snakes would make for good security measures, more so than her so called guards

  5. O-O I’m… shocked!!!! >< What the…
    That was the twist!! I'm so sad for Beiyue… the betraying will come T-T

    Thank you so much Stephii :')

    1. Is it her teacher? Maybe he has split personalities? Probably after he cough blood and dying, the other personality, the dark one show up :v

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