Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 329.5

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  1. I don’t think it’s either of their faults. I mean, Aheng was reincarnated without permission and the original daughter died. You can’t just go around telling people you’re from the future and time slipped into a dead girl’s body. She doesn’t know how the mother would act actually hearing the truth either and it’s not like Aheng actually did the wrong thing, so comparing the situation to someone murdering her child then being nice is totally inaccurate. They’re both in a position that without communication, can’t be rectified. The mother is too scared to ask and Aheng is too scared to tell. I think you need to understand both sides. besides, in Aheng’s case, she probably considers her as her mother. Who knows what feelings have been left over from the original girl, plus, I’m sure she’s fully adopted her role and sees them as family. I don’t believe either of them are acting wrong, I just think it’s a sucky situation that cannot be handled without discussion and understanding.

  2. Whether she has realised she’s not the real Aheng or not, this version of Aheng has raised them out of poverty, helped her leave her husband, won the favor of the royal family & helped her overcome her addiction. She needs to be more grateful.

    1. put urself in the mother’s shoes. now, put urself in the mother’s time [our MC is from this future and she can understand it that is why she is still acting as nothing and trying her best to show she is a good daughter].

      You learn that your daughter is not ur daughter. she doesnt know if all this is just leftover that the new daughter is showing them cuz she is gaining things and that is why took her daughters place. She doesn’t love her nor trust her but don’t want to show disrespect. She is starting to see her as a stranger who is doing a lot for the family, yes but she needs to respect her and put her in a higher position now.

      it is more complicated that what we mere observers are looking at. we dont know her feelings. we dont know what we will actually feel if our real daughters, blood and flesh from a person is taking and someone else is taking over.

    2. so if someone murdered one of your family members, but was nice to you and got you out of poverty youd be grateful?

      people who are criticizing the mother are no better than Aheng’s father, sister and grandma. only looking at the benefits. She understands Aheng means no harm and has good intentions, but its hard to blame her for the mixed feeling she lost everything in this world. Only thing she had left where her 2 children and now it might actaully be only 1.

      If anything its kind of Aheng’s fault to begin with. She never confronts her mother and tells lies to people that the mother can clearly see dont make sense. Like she claimed her master taught her steal making while she was deported, but her mother was there all the time she knows its a lie. So the mother is worried this imposter might be stretching thier ability. Aheng should have just told her mother she got blessing of some diety. Instead she keeps her in the dark and expects her to unconditionally love her regardless. Aheng is the shameless one here, not the mother who only cares about her children’s wellbeing

    1. Cut her some slack, she’s trying. But she’s internally realized that Aheng isn’t really her daughter even if it’s not a conscious revelation, so it’s harder for her now.

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