Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 194.5

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  1. Bwahahahahaha! She scans the normal grass, which is probably only one point, to troll Sangran!! She is so feisty and cunning! Love her to bits! She has a Trickster’s spirit! xD

    Thank you again Leaf for all these amazing updates! They have made my day! ~<3

  2. There’s something weird about the author’s math. None of the big ticket items have odd number values, like, say, 9983 pts, so where did the points for the spit go in Sangrans nice round score? Does adding some high value item just clear the lower decimal places for some reason?

    And how does FLW manage to perfectly match her score? The counter doesn’t say what anything is worth before it gets scanned and added to the score… once again, in nice large round numbers. So this is the last time we’ll see FLW scan a blade of grass, right?

  3. I bet it’s something like 0.1 points or something x’D I would like that better then 1 point, like it being a fraction so small that it garners insult

  4. lol just that blade of grass thats worth 1 point more XD. I bet they’re gonna have a auction or somethin and she’ll end up with the most points

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA what a faceslap!!! same points as sangran but then scanned a blade grass that is worth 1 point. way to piss off someone! tyvm for the update

  6. Wow, that’s sneaky! But I love it nevertheless. That grass will just like give 1 point I think, but the face slap will continue from there on.

    Thanks for the update!

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