Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 326.5

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  1. Normally ancient men never involve themselves in women’s matters like birthing health and hygiene.
    So its no surprise he knows nothing about periods.

    1. well she is not married yet and the emperor gave her that title as a county. Until their official marriage, I would think they wanna keep it as just county O_o?.

      did her sleeve got larger? i thought the warp portal was just the size of her hand to her wrist. hmmmmm

  2. Thanks for the chapter Leaf! I like that this story has the fl’s time of the month, normally it just gets ignored along with all the trouble it can bring

  3. Hm, a bit secret-ish, but I think Ah Heng might be feeling bad due to hormonal problems, or rather moody, irritable, etc. Well, the 9th prince is very clingy lately too, lolz. Still, it’s clear he’s able to walk recently, and probably some of the soldiers also know.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! God bless you!

    1. It is kind of a disappointment when the ML turns into a clingy teddybear. He used to be proud, cunning and dignified when they first started. Sure he spoiled FL but i wish he had more of the flare he used to have at the start, when he went to cause trouble at the Feng house for example.

      Ty Leaf and co, for the chapter.

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