Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 59.5

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3 Replies to “Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 59.5”

  1. he should not oppose the king but just kill the bestowed wife, he is ready to kill others so just kill her and be done with the whole thing, maybe let it look like assassins killed her.
    He gets attacked all the time so who is to say who truly killed her.
    That’s one of my main complain about this whole arranged marriage thing, if you are a corrupt noble and try to get your hands on a partner who stops this captured partner from killing you when you brought he to your mansion, like the noble fucks himself silly and when he is unaware you kill him with a hard or sharp object.
    Same goes with marrying your minion into another household to watch over your enemy like in this story, who is protecting the minion from the slighted and to be watched person, Prince Chen is something like a martial master, he can easily dispatch her on any grounds, like claiming she tried to poison him or something.

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