Tian Xia Wu Lai Chapter 14.4

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4 Replies to “Tian Xia Wu Lai Chapter 14.4”

  1. She has a phobia guys, jeez. She literally near drowned so it’s not a shock she’s scared. Plus, he’s lied to her before. So she’d have doubt plus the phobia of drowning. I think her reaction is totally justified.

  2. omg the MC… seriously?!!!! … I find this type of girl is super annoying… I don’t mind she is weak and demure but at least she should trust her “husband” that have been risking his life to come and rescue her…Can’t she just jump and trust him for catching her?!!!…. I mean.. what’s the point of letting her drown after all the hard work he did to save her?.. this MC need to start growing some brain inside her head…

    1. Trust a “husband” that has been deceiving her? A “husband” that has molested her and taken advantage of her amnesia. No sane person would.

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