Sijin Chapter 26.2

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  1. why everyone believes he was in love with this previous saintess? It’s pretty obvious he loves her. The story how he loved the previous saintess was probably something used to sow discord between the two of them and the FL believed it.

  2. The ML is a stalker. I doubt he is reincarnated as others have suggested. It may be that he had the hots for her first and then later for the Saint Asang woman.

    Whichever, misunderstandings are common to progress a story, particularly romance as this one is.

  3. He obviously knows skew isn’t Asang(the original sain), now and still likes her.
    Not sure when mc’s misunderstanding comes from, but she doesn’t trust him at all. He always showed his love for her, but she probably came to that incorrect conclusion herself and didn’t even ask him.
    She’s annoying me with this 🙂

  4. … How did so many people miss the fact that the MC looks exactly like the woman named Asang, who yuqi is in love with but is dead. He likely doesn’t know that she reincarnated and is just chasing after her in the same manor as he did in her past life.

    1. But… he started sending her gifts (the birds, the swing) even before meeting her. We don’t even know if the real saint is already dead. Moreover, the dog is behaving exactly like in the past life, and the dog-owner pair behaves as if they know something… I think it’s the first time a dog got reincarnated 😀

  5. erm, so he also reincarnated this 7th prince?his behaviour seems that he knows something..that dog got bribed lol..ty for chaptres..

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