Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 79

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  1. I become confused now, I think the meaning is not right here. Sorry, but stepfather means Mr Lan become Ye Lingyue’s father if he married her mother. But, here, I think they wanted to adopt her into Lan’s family. So, she should called Mr Lan as ‘godfather’, not ‘stepfather’. While for sister, she might refer her as her ‘godsister’, not ‘stepsister’.

    1. I think back in the day you were able to be adopted by influential families even if you have parents. You call them step father or step mother and any siblings normally. It didn’t happen very often and the person can use the family to raise their status as their own.

      In this case he is saying that he sees her as his daughter, she can use their relation to take revenge on the Hong family if she wishes.

      1. Still happens today when a common man marries a rich girl he’s adopted by her father to keep the wealth in his families name or they sign a prenuptial.

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