Above All Gods Chapter 125.5

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  1. Pardon, but this oldman of BlackIce sect resemble an ant… With this antennas and all.
    And his sect’s inner disciple saying trash, ants and so on…

    I can’t stop thinking he’s cussing his sect’s elder.xD

    1. this is a very shonen style but with some sort of josei genre lol. don’t be surprised. In all shonen, only the MC is smart but becomes dumb when a girl shows up. That is why I said josei….for an adult audience, the MC is a bit more mature in that aspect lol

  2. Does anyone know what the cultivation is in this manhua? It makes no sense to keep throwing terms at us, expecting it to be impressive, when we have literally no base to compare to.

    1. I try to see if cultivation is amazing or not by analysing responds and emotions of one’s blabbering…
      Because, you know, even our MC not so sure in modern cultivation levels.x)
      But I can logically make a simple rules to help understand things: the more “rainbow” stuff – the more sturdy one’s defence, the greater evaluation of one’s cultivation – the greater one’s reputation and level of strength.
      Do we need more when there is no possible threat to MC yet?

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