Return of the Demon Goddess Chapter 12.2

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  1. Yeah, I want to change the ML too… or, it’s gonna be the other way around – she will make the ML fall for her and kill him in the end – now that’s a 360 degrees vindication. Thanks Leaf and team!

  2. Im of the opinion that if you are nice to your enemy, you are being cruel to yourself..don’t know about other ppl but i like me,so ya im gonna choose to be nice to me…and i cant stand this ml..gah..he just rubs me the wrong way my furr is standing..;p…ty vm for chaptres..preciate you:)

  3. I still see so many people complaining about ML. Why can’t you just wait and see what is the plot author had for him?

    Btw, thank leaf. I hope you update more and more. I love it.

    1. would you stay with the person that almost killed you? then later tell you. I did it for my family, or I wasn’t told the truth, and that is why I jumped into conclusions, or it was the only way to save you! by killing you I knew with your high cultivation you would find a way to reborn…

      do you see how dumb the excuses the ML would give and wouldn’t change anyone’s mind? would you be ok with those reasons? Would you go back to your husband that did all that? thanks god there were not kids nor she was pregnant like in ugly’s harem. She was pregnant, and the ML gave the excuse of “OOPs, I killed you to save you and didn’t know you were pregnant.” He went back in time to protect her but still find a way to have an intimate relationship with her. Like, what gives? where is your redemption? why didn’t you give up and protect from the shadows to pay for your sins?

      He treated her cold and badly cuz he didn’t want to get attached to her cuz he was given the task to kill her, and that is why he married her and stayed with her for that long…….

  4. Sorry i think i’m gonna drop this except author change the ML..i already tired of the story about ML whose murder the FL then the FL reincarnation, knowing that the ML have a reason behind his murder and FL and ML love each other again..well it just my opinion..I hope you all enjoy the strory and keep fighting for author..

    1. Yeah – I am dropping this too. Don’t really care what ML’s reason was for killing FL. The endpoint is he killed her, so unless there is another ML that has not popped up yet, I am out.

  5. Noooo! Please upload more than 1 chapter next! I want to see the full battle! Of course, I’m just whining, please take the time you need. No pressure!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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