Sijin Chapter 25.2

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  1. well, i think she is angry for reason, just think about it, he is the 7th prince so he knew about her life and marriage, she can’t married him since he is a prince and all the women he take should be unmarried, so she thinks that he only got close to her to play around. after all they can’t married at all and if they do all the people in the capital knew her and that she is a married woman so she will be doom. in this case she can only be his secret mistress…..for her who thought she finally found love and suddentlly find out that it was only her dream, ofcourse she will felt betrayed

    1. You do realize she said he married her. She was thrown away from her husband’s house. Why do you think she was at her sister’s house?

      He knew her real identity. Her family is a rich family that fell down. She might be poor and her family might not have the same power is it used to but there’s prestige. He was using her for THAT. She hates him because he deceived her by saying he “loved” her when ONCE AGAIN he found someone wanting to use her AND knew her old/real identity.

      Go re-read the story again. The insinuation was not clear but was obvious that her husband abandoned her after he didn’t consume their marriage. Her situation in her previous was really bad because he was tainted since he cursed she was too damn beautiful and ONLY a demon can be as beautiful as her, she was mistreated and left in her sister’s house. Instead of having a sister who would defend her, she blamed her again because she is beautiful and her sister’s husband was too lustful for beauty.

      She became a saint because her beauty was identical to that other family’s saint. She was used by this @zzhole because he was a saint NOW but because she got a good family’s name as her real identity. One way or another he could take advantage of her.

      1. I don’t see anything wrong with what misy90 said as it coincides with the culture in their timeline. Darkwolf, your comment is a bit confusing and there are too many pronouns so it is hard to figure out who you are referring to.

        From what I remembered from reading, the previous life went like this:
        1. Jiang Si (FL) married the Anguo’s third master but he never touched her because he disliked her
        2. The Anguo’s third master died later on and the entire Anguo family treated her badly.
        3. FL was invited by her second sister and was tricked into a trap by the sister and her husband.
        4. Fl escaped from the trap and ended up fleeing to the south border.
        5. FL became a pseudo saint goddess and learned some skills from the elder that adopted her as her granddaughter.
        6. FL met Yuqi and fell in love with him, but turns out that his identity is not what she expected.
        7. (From the first 2-3 chapters) The country went to war and other events happened… then she died tragically… then poof rebirth happened

        Don’t know the specific reason Jiang Si does not want to be involved with Yuqi is because he hid his identity and Misy90’s explanation or an event that happened later on that we don’t know yet.
        It also was not clear if Yuqi knew the saint goddess’s real identity which would be the FL, but it shouldn’t be hard since a prince should have some information network or something, right?

        There has not been any information revealed that Yuqi has harmed her in any way other than hiding his identity. He even taught the FL how to trick people into agreeing to conditions. It is too early to assume that Yuqi was using her to his advantage unless you read ahead and there was indication that he did have a secret motive.

  2. Wow! If it isn’t love at first sight, then I don’t know what it is…

    I think we found our ML UwU
    Thanks Asura 😀

  3. well crap if yuqi treated her badly hes a crappy ml..but perhaps he also reincarnated is now making up for watever he did in the past..??this is definitely an interesting reveal,heh now i understand where she got her medic knowledge from..ty for chaptres..

  4. and well i knew it.. he’s one of those current prince.
    thanks Asura, leaf and team.. now the interesting part are revealed.
    keep going. stay safe.

  5. Think about it.. in her previous life, before he met this yuqi her brother present her a bird as a gift. And now in the present life, her brother gaved her again that bird as a gift and it revealed that it came from yuqi and so the other gifts. What if yuqi knew/saw her and adore her beauty out of her knowledge (and maybe because in her past life she was already married) thats why yuqi in past, present his self to her in that time she became in wumio’s clan. And since the marriage issue not pursue in her present life and so the other issues for preventing death. Maybe that makes their early meet up coincidentally changed. Hhhmmm.. Just think about it.

  6. Wow…. that was some epic revelations. But it seems he seems to remember something from the previous life as well. Hmm….

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