Pupillary Master Chapter 74.5

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  1. Yes yes yes that’s how you wake up that inner energy get thoughs hormones I mean fighting spirit going yeah that’s it fighting spirit

  2. My favorite cartoon:

    Should ugly people kiss in public? [email protected]

    Should beautiful people kiss in public? It is OK, but remember, it is bad manners to loudly cheer them. [imagine two panels of the cartoon, plenty of bad mannered people in the second panel]

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Ooooooh!! Regardless of her reasons for doing it, she sure seems to enjoy kissing him and vice versa😂

  4. The kiss isn’t for unsealing him, she just figured out the assassins will feel too awkward to keep attacking while they’re having a moment…

  5. kek, so it’s like this, everyone stop so our lovely couple can have all the time to discuss in the middle in a death battle.

  6. That guy sure takes a long time to attack, they coukd have a whole romantic scene by the time he takes 2 steps. They probably could have had a 7 day honeymoon before he made it to them…

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