Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 183.2

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16 Replies to “Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 183.2”

  1. all beast of course fuck away from MC 😁😍😘 😋 king of beast is just like sea food to roast. remember giant king monster tentacles.

  2. Thanks for the chapter Leaf! PFFFFT they all think it’s luck, yet all the animals look relieved as soon as Xiaowan and the guy make off with their treasure💀

  3. thank you very much for the New updates Leaf san and red san !!
    We humbly wait for the next update , stay safe and stay healthy (Good work)

  4. Could the monsters be staying away because they can feel the mc’s energy? The salty peanut gallery is hilarious!! Its fun to see them being jealous and petty lol.
    Many thanks for the update!

  5. I think our FL let’s that guy win the first place coz she is a city Lord anyway 😆 thank so much leaf Sama and team 🙏🙏🙏

  6. She is giving all the treasures to him I wonder just how much points has she earned under the sea 🙄😂 !!!
    Thanks for the chapter 😉 !

  7. very well *slow clap* 3 flat goodluck.. what do you think it would be..??
    (ofcourse! its a secret wahahahaXD) their dumb excuses for his goodluck..?? well it only makes a super big face slap on yourselves in the final round for underestimating them. goodluck people hahahaha.

    thanks again and again leaf-sama and team

  8. haha of course they are not there. who would dare fight someone with a contract of 10,000 strong demons? this is so amusing

    thanks leaf and team

  9. It feels like a sight seeing tour at this point…

    But I know what is going on, even in her disguise, the demons can pick up on her scent of the 10,000 demons who made a contract with her. So none of the dare to come close to her and just flee. Same as when those demon humans fighters tried to fight her and lost on purpose not to anger the 10k demons.

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