Sijin Chapter 24.2

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  1. Im guessing…ml died so fl doesn’t want to have any relation with him in this current life?….ok this is just a guess. Im just bluffing

  2. I’m curious to know why she didn’t want to meet with him. ML is here huh

    Thank you so much Asura, Leaf and all the team members for delivering such a good work <3

  3. I wonder if he got reincarnated too. He seems to know her also. I’m curious to know what happened in their past life. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks Asura and Leaf

    1. i don’t think he got reincarnated, since he gave those birds to her brother in both previous and current life so his brother would gift them to her
      thanks asura \(^o^)/

  4. Thank you!
    Hahaha the dog flat-out ignored her brother lol
    Will we finally find out what their relationship was in their previous life? *hopeful eyes*

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