Return of the Demon Goddess Chapter 11.2

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  1. Pretty much seems that everyone wants to drop kick him off a very high cliff. Yes a ML like him is making us all a bit Pissy. We came for Revenge damnit! lol

  2. How tf does she not know this herself. She was literally HIS teacher and a demonic cultivator? Also screw him lol who does he think he is

    1. yes valerie i agree with you.. she was a teacher herself and she didnt even know about her condition and this made no sense for me 😂

      rite from the start i object that he is the ml..

      anyway thanks leaf and team~

  3. Saintly clad creepy dude who wants a disciple with killing intent towards him makes no sense to me. But anything goes. I hope creepy dude is not the ml #icarewhoisml 😅 guilty!
    Thanks for the chapter leaf!🥰

  4. I mean I still can forgive him if there was a reason for doing what he did
    But I clearly saw him saying that “even if she’s so powerful she’d still fall from grace” something along the lines
    I mean explain yourself before everything?!

  5. I could maybe forgive him of he was just her lover.
    But he was her disciple, he was practically raised by her, he owes her e everything he has.
    Even if say she was guilty, he should have saved her

  6. i hate him, he was such bastard that he didn’t even let FL to defend herself and any stupid person can see that girl who kept asking him to kill FL was the one who put something in her drink because she like him and didn’t want him to married Fl.
    FL raised him, took good care of him and loved him then in just a second without waiting for her to prove her innocent, he killed her. usually you would go through heaven and hell with a teacher like her and try your best to defend her, not to be silent and kill her because another bitch tell you to do.

  7. Seriously… I don’t really care about who the ml is atm. I’m more interested in what her story is and what she’s going to do in this life. Demon focuses are hated – I want to know why, but she’s the demon goddess – so how is she going to deal with things.

    Thanks for the chapter and I look forward to seeing how things develop!

  8. This piss me off. He shows a worried look on his eyes for a moment and the acts like he doesn’t care. I can’t forgive him for killing FL. I still don’t like this bastard and why the f— is he the ML? I wish it was Senior Brother be the ML. >:(

    1. he is using her as a substitute out of guilt. He learned the thru after killing her. hahaha, look at me author. I wanna slap you. This is the worse “ML.” I won’t acknowledge him as an ML. This feels like I am reading that garbage movie 50 shades of grey. Garbage. If this continues and the MC do NOT change her path AND actually behave as she should, I will drop this story. I was happy a strong MC and now ONCE AGAIN MUST BE outshined by the ML. The ML is a ML, is NOT a MC. an MC can be a FL or ML, but will never be JUST a FL. In a story, there is 2 or more ML/FL because those main support characters are leading characters because they are always around the main character -___-

      1. Yeah well I think what most of us are saying is that the most annoying thing is that after all they went through he didn’t even take a second to look for the truth or believe her before killing her. So what’s worth finding out the truth afterwards? You’re still a bastard thru and thru for not even giving her a chance

  9. Thx for the chapter Leaf! Tbh I only care about the ml role bc I don’t want it to be filled by this guy. He betrayed her trust by killing her, his own teacher. Even if the author does make up some ‘reasonable’ excuse he still seems like a bad person to have as her love interest. He has been helping her but he does so in a pushy way without considering her opinion. It also seems like the author is trying to make us sympathize with him for whatever reason, which is 😖 after what he’s done

  10. hmmmmm………so basically lassy went to the future? or dude also reincarnated?

    Either way, wish he wasn’t the ML…….. due to circumstances………

  11. What! What! The hell……..isn’t he the guy that killed her in her past life…..haha….anyway thanks for the chapters leaf!!!

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