Above All Gods Chapter 121.5

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  1. If he was going to go on a rampage and kill everyone, what the heck were the 120 chapters of the story so far? the development from ch 1 till here is close to none-existent. Why did he even bother to humor his friend if he was going to disregard him in the end?
    The only possible explanation I see is that he waited for them to gather in one spot but still… 110+ chapters to the can in a 5 chapter killing spree…

    1. I think the moral of the story is “do not bottle up your emotions nor allow anyone insult you and do nothing otherwise you will explode and target everyone in front of you.”

      The MC personality is a goof and that give rats but a very hot headed person. He gets really piss off when someone bothers him. He is the type of person that needs to go to one of those anger managemet classes.

      He has the right to be angry but is not the way to release your frustation. At least in our society. If we pay attention to who the world of cultivation works. Only the strong survive and the law is bent by your own strength. If we have that in consideration then he has the right. It is just that many rich people are not strong as him so they are jealous. The rich and poweful want to be the only one to control and abuse men and women. The moment they see other people doing the same but are not from a well known family or is a famous heroes, they call them devils.

      1. Not even that. It doesn’t have family friendly morals. It has the kind of lessons you learn at your lowest point, like “learn when to scrap a project that’s going south”, like “pick friends that won’t break you down”, like “don’t hurt yourself to help others”.

    1. Srsly. Did he just murder the room? First it shows bodies everywhere and an indication that the building was leveled then there’s a fire? With he calmly walks through until he sees that swirl in the sky and shouts (to the swirl?) “Pickup your trash”.
      Yeah, he can Dr. Manhattan people but who was the target of his cries?
      It really seems like there was a heavenly tribulation but then we get the next chapter and, well, that looks like a flashback.

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