Sijin Chapter 10

Uncategorized / Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

One chapter a day, hope this quench people’s thirst 😛



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  1. yes, girl. you go, girl! he would want to have her live a sad life. This is what I hate about ancient people. They used girls as a tool so the family and all their male members get money to do whatever they want and for their family while the daughters and daughter-in-laws got to suffer any type of humiliation and the reputation of wearing a gree hat cuz of their cheating husbands

    1. the entire family is used as tools for the family that was the culture, especially for rich people like this who were the minority of the society. the guy they’re trying to marry her to doesn’t want to marry her either. you’re also forgetting this thing called war, talking about being used as tools while ignoring millions of young men being forced to fight and die.

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