Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 169.2

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    1. Ok now lets get this straight.. the one sitting on the chair is probably King/Prince Quan- he is not a real king but a proxy king of northern country since the real king of that country is dead. He is some high general(i guess)., Who had love affair with the queen and had illegitimate child -the 11th prince ( as per rumours)- for this read chapter 169.2…
      …the person who came to meet her was from eastern country which is of course one of the enemy of baiyue ( remember when baiyue left southern country with her master, that day she stops a carriage of the crown prince of eastern country and tells him that one day she will kill general Wei wuchen). Well as to who is general Wei wuchen is – he is general of eastern country. He was the one who kidnapped the current southern country emperor (that time he was crown prince though) and then baiyue mother went to save him from enemy… Wei wuchen is the reason, baiyue mistaked that she was the the daughter of the current emperor…

      ….so basically baiyue had two main enemy because of which her mother was framed , sullied and killed
      -1st is the current empress father-(Marquis of jing’an) whom baiye already killed before she left southern country.
      – 2nd is Wei wuchen – because of him her mother was treated as slut who gave birth to child of current emperor by her husband(while it’s not true).

      … I hope this may help you

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